– Linkedin for Small Businesses –
Make Every Connection Count

I get a lot of business owners asking me about the benefits of using Linkedin. They happily accept connections and hear good things about using the platform for new business, but the majority don’t go much further than accepting an invite. “We are connected now what do I do?” is often the phrase.

With this post I hope to provide guidance to small business owners and inexperienced users of Linkedin on some of the fundamental reasons for using linked to gain new business and strengthen relationships. At this stage it’s important to remember that whilst every connection is important, it’s not about engaging with a single connection but with your network of connections.

Communicating With Your Network (All Connections at Once)

Through posting information, news and valuable insight on your company page or personal Linkedin profile you are communicating with all connections at once. Similar to twitter and facebook your messages are now becoming part of their news feed that appears on their linked in homepage, what you have to say is important to them and will either be read or have an impression (be seen).

Positive Reflection on Your Business

Therefore, it is important that what ever is posted reflects positively on you and your business, to prevent damaging existing relationships with your connections. Whilst the odd light hearted post can help to enhance perception, it’s important to remember Linkedin is a professional environment and posting engaging, interesting and relevant content is paramount.


  1. Revive Existing Relationships

    Linkedin for small businesses provides a great platform to revive relationships with clients you may not have done business with for extended periods of time. You had a good working relationship with them before, but for whatever reason you drifted as other work needed to be fulfilled. By posting regularly via your company page or profile you can actively make these clients aware that you are still around and thoroughly in business. A general post about the services you offer can sometimes spark a reminder to these connections that they require your services again. By posting to your network (rather than directly) it feels like less or hard sales pitch and can ease you softly in to their thought process.

  2. Establish New Relationships

    You may have had a really positive meeting with a potential new client, you’ve sent them a follow up email and want to maintain an ongoing chain of communication to keep you and your business at the forefront of their minds. By connecting with them on Linkedin, and posting company/industry relevant information on your page/profile you are maintaining an un-intrusive reminder to them of your business. Rather than making it seem like you are harassing them, instead you are posting to your network. Ensure the information is suitable for maximum positive impact and improve your chances when you next contact them directly.

  3. Increase the Opportunity for New Business

    By posting updates and information on your Linkedin channels you can increase the opportunity to generate new business. Your Linkedin network can start doing the hard work for you. It’s possible an existing connection in your network will like or even share something you’ve posted, maybe a great project or bit of industry insight you decided to share. Through taking this action, they have actively promoted your company to their network. The key being their network consists of different connections, and they may have a lot more than you. It’s possible one of their connections will see your post, be impressed, choose to connect with you and from there start to develop a whole new relationship. 

  4. Show Them Your in Business

    By posting about your businesses recent projects or activities, you are showcasing what you business is capable of and that you are able to provide the same for them if required. You aren’t simply gathering dust, you are out there working on great projects and actively influencing the industry. You are alive. Through posts, you are showing that you are in high demand and working on prestigious projects, increasing the credibility of your services and the demand for them. Unless you tell them, people won’t know and posting to your network can be a far more effective approach than an unexpected email about a project you recently worked on.

  5. You Can’t Rely on Your Website Alone

    As much as your business website will be the source of many of the posts and links that you may share on Linkedin, you can’t rely on it doing all the work for you. You can’t expect people to visit website everyday.Your connections are more likely to visit Linkedin everyday than they are to visit your website directly. You can optimise your website to try and improve Google ranking positions but with Linkedin you benefit from a relevant captive audience. They have connected with you, and openly invited you to share information with them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab their attention again.

I hope these 5 reasons have given you some inspiration and understanding of why Linkedin for small businesses or businesses of any size is highly beneficial. If you would like to discuss how to raise your profile on Linkedin in more detail or have any other marketing requirements please get in touch and i will be happy to help. Contact me via the Contact Page Here.