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HOT OFF THE SHELF: Issue 18 of Insulate Magazine

14th May 2018

Despite a minor hiccup last week, it brought great satisfaction for our team at insulate network to deliver the 18th issue of Insulate Magazine. I’m delighted with how this issue has come out but you can make your own assessment by reading it below:

Insulate Magazine

Pushing Boundaries 

From a personal perspective, with each issue I set my mind up to explore how creatively we can push the boundaries compared to the previous edition. It’s not quite as simple as “a whole new look”, as we have a brand to honour and a strong recognisable product that our readers already enjoy.

So how do we go about adding extra touches, without neglecting our principles?  With issue 18 I believe we have really taken the publication into new areas that make it more interactive.

Creative Potential

The creative potential is also tied to the content and again this month was very strong. How does an 8 page interview with Huw Rees from Isover sound? Not only is the interview extremely in-depth, it is highly informative in how our industry has evolved and as individuals and business’ their is a constant need to adapt.

In addition the feature includes some great photography taken during Colin’s (Managing Editor) interview with Huw, making engaging delivery that much easier to achieve.

A Touch of Fun

This month’s issue also brought a touch of fun, with the inclusion of the World Cup 2018 Wall Planner on pages 20-21. It was time consuming to bring together, but will come in handy next month! Here’s a quick look at some important fixtures from those supporting England…

Give it a Read

Before I say any more why not check the magazine out for yourself. It would be great to hear your thoughts here or over on the insulate network website. I will shortly be discussing my favourite features from this months insulate magazine, so check back here for those.

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