About Jamie

What is an “Insulation Marketing Specialist” you are probably asking.

It’s a good question. And simply put, it’s someone with experience and expertise in the field of marketing insulation related products, services and subjects.

How did I qualify myself to be in this category?

Through industry and educational experience:

In 2010 I was lucky enough to get a unique opportunity at Cellecta LTD (Acoustic & Thermal Insulation) where I was able to have significant influence over the entire marketing process as Marketing Manager. Here I was continuously working with technical literature for both acoustic and thermal insulation products, which provided strong foundations in the terminology used in the industry.

I am now currently building Insulation Heaven with Colin and Paul as the dynamic Creative Team leader at Insulate Magazine and our website Insulate Network. It’s an exciting journey and we continue to deliver a compelling digital/print and online publication.

My Marketing background comes in the form of BA Hons. degree at Bournemouth University and a previous obsession with website and graphics design for various personal endeavours.

What Makes it Specialist to Insulation?

Insulation is a complicated subject for many who are not directly involved in the topic on a day to day basis. I consider myself strong in being able translate insulation themed topics and deliver them through marketing communications that people understand. For want of a better phrase, delivering insulation information in “layman’s terms”.

My skill set lies in being able to cut through the overwhelming technicalities that individuals inside a business obsess over and re-configuring them through websites, social media, brochures, email campaigns and magazines that consumers and customers find easier to engage with. All with the view to building a bridge towards enhancing their knowledge about a specific product or service.

Insulation Ears

Having an ear on each side of the insulation fence has been hugely effective in helping me build brand awareness and effective marketing campaigns leading to significant market growth for both Cellecta and Insulate Magazine/Network.