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Increase awareness and generate sales for your business with my marketing support. As an independent Bournemouth marketing consultancy provider, I take a huge amount of pride in delivering personalised and dedicated marketing services tailored to your business requirements. Contact me today for a FREE consultation, to discuss how we can increase your business.

Marketing Consultancy Services that meet your needs

Do you need a new website for your business start up or a revision to an existing website, a new flyer, logo or require guidance and would like to speak to someone on how to take your business forward? In either scenario, I offer complimentary marketing consultation services to discuss meeting your business goals through my marketing services. Contact me today for your free consultation.

Your Business

The opportunity to sit down and discuss your business background provides a strong foundation to implementing successful marketing campaigns. Ultimately every business is different, and through my independent Bournemouth marketing consultancy services I seek to learn more about your business in order to tailor the best service.

Who are your existing customers, what are the methods of marketing you have implemented previously and what do you hope to achieve from adopting my services. This background knowledge can help to identify what types of marketing are best suited to your business.

DRYU Website Homepage Image

DRYU waterproof bags project

At this stage it’s also beneficial to see how the business currently presents itself; is there consistency in branding online and through printed materials and does the branding communicate the right message to the existing and desired audience.

Your Competition & Customers

Understanding who your competitors are and their methods of marketing can provide a point of reference on how to approach the project at hand.

What marketing methods work for them and how can we implement and improve on what they offer to help elevate your business alongside and above them. Is it feasible to directly compete with them, or are there ways to capture customers their current methods are missing out on.

Angle IT Flyer Side 2

Promotional Flyer for Angle IT

As part of my marketing consultancy service, I research competitors, identifying where they rank in Google, how they promote and present themselves before our meeting.

Understanding your industry provides knowledge of the marketing methods your potential customers are familiar with. This can provide an effective starting point to any marketing activity completed.

Your Ambition

At this stage you may or may not have a budget for marketing activity. Based on what we have learnt about your company, what you want achieve and what is required to out perform your competition we can begin to identify feasible marketing methods.

Recent projects PC Flooring image

Web design project for PC Flooring Ltd

Important factors to consider include, how can we maximise the return for the marketing budget, what is the cost of the options available and what is achievable. If it isn’t possible to implement all marketing strategies, let’s highlight strategies that are most appropriate at this stage. For example having a professional logo and web design, would come before trying to launch a social media campaign to increase traffic to an old and out dated website.

Free Marketing Consultation

I offer free marketing consultation services to discuss marketing methods and strategies that are most suitable for growing your business. Following the 3-step process above, I believe that I am able to propose and deliver marketing and design initiatives that will take your business forward.


Independent Bournemouth Marketing Consultancy Services

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