Project Description

Active Body Osteopathy

Client Background

Active Body Osteopathy is an independent osteopathic clinic in St. Albans that provide an extensive range of treatments including osteopathy and sports massages. Owned by Bethan Jones, the osteopathy offer personalised one-to-one treatments. 

In its original form the Active Body Osteopathy website was a prime example of a business simply wanting a web site presence, instead of weighing too heavily on branding and viewer perception.  It was my responsibility to revitalise the website and give Active Body Osteopathy a professional, dynamic identity that encourages visitors to engage with the web site and inquire.

Active Body Website

Style Guide, Logo Design & Colour Scheme

Active Body Osteopathy lacked an identity online. The current site used basic text for the company name, bland flat colour combinations, and clip-art style logo. It was important to rejuvenate the brand image, to a style that represented the company name “Active“. With a dynamic font face, vibrant blue and orange colour scheme and a running man with his arms raised the new logo was born. Although simple, the logo could easily be translated across different promotional materials such as business cards, letter heads and email footers.

Web Design & Content

The orange and blue colour combination from would represent the DNA for the forthcoming website re-design. This approach would ensure consistency in branding and visitor recognition, providing reassurance when navigating through the web site.

Active Body Osteo Header image

Comfort in Familiarity

The site would adopt a familiar logo top left, contact details right top and navigation menu in the header. It’s purpose was to achieve inquiries not to wow visitors with flashy graphics. A sense of familiarity would comfort customers rather than deter them.


Re-assurance through repetition was a factor when it came to content, a conscious effort was made to highlight expertise of the clinic therapist on every page to give reassurance of her credentials. This would increase inquiries as visitors would have confidence in the quality of service available. Continuous referral to the therapist also makes it clear to the viewer they will receive a personal, one to one service.

What do you do?

Competitor research identified the importance of  highlightlighting the services on offer as frequently as possible throughout the website. Text links and images would serve as key indicators and encouraged engagement, it was important to avoid making visitors work hard when navigating the website. Information and inquiries were the key.


Visuals Speak Volumes

Layouts represent the foundation of a website, but I always believe visual engagement and photography can elevate a website to new heights. The slider at the top of the page features a number of very polished images, which are also adopted across the web site. They not only highlight the services available but deliver a professional, high profile representation of the business.

Active Body Osteopathy Header Image

A Website that Performs

The completed website represents a significant digital leap for the Active Body Osteopathy clinic and will give confidence to new customers and people searching for osteopathy clinics in the St. Albans region.
Visit the website for yourself here: