Project Description

Breathing New Life In To Bracknell Taekwon-do

Despite enjoying positive membership numbers, there was a a strong belief that Bracknell Taekwon-do, a martial arts school in Bracknell could attract even more students through improving their branding and online presence. This is how I went about achieving this goal.

Brand overhaul -TKDB

It was quaickly recognised that Bracknell Taekwon-do could benefit from a name re-structure. The inclusion of martial arts in the name was agreed to give greater re-assurance to visitors who may have little knowledge of Taekwon-do. It was apparent that when meeting potential students the schools instructor would frequently need to explain what Taekwon-do is, making for an immediate hard sell. As a consequence the name “TKDB – School of Martial Arts” was created.



The abbreviated name would represent a positive step forward from a branding perspective, as it would have a stronger visual presence, that was easier to recognise and communicate. The name would still incorporate all the components from before but simplify them for easier consumption. Equally the name would give greater flexibility for the school to expand in the future. For example TKDB could could evolve in to “Ben’s Taekwon-do” should the opportunity to grow nationally arise.

Hard Hitting Logo

The name “TKDB” would also provide greater flexibility when it came to a new logo. It would be far more achievable to create something that would provoke immediate recognition and was transferable across multiple marketing materials. A colour scheme was adopted that had strong links to Taekwon-do federations, with the aim that this would give the class greater credibility. Previously the school had no logo at all and instead used simple text often in different styles, a counter productive approach to building brand awareness.

The End Product

The final logo would feature the “TKDB’ words in bold, with a silhouette of a martial arts student on a blue circle. A yellow/green colour was also adopted to complete the connection between TKDB and Taekwon-do federations. A new brand was born.

BTKD Header Image

Website Re-construction

The existing Bracknell Taekwon-do website represented a basic showcase of what the school had to offer. Some of the right messages were there but there presentation may have reduced potential customers confidence in the services provided. With the new design it was essential to breath new life in to TKDB and infuse the website with the characteristics of the new logo.

Consistent Colour Scheme

Consequently the vibrant blue adopted in the logo, would represent the main colour for the new website combined with subtle placement of deep grey and the green/yellow colour to complete the look. This would all be constructed on a blank white background, to provide a sense of space and freedom when navigating the site.BTKD Website Landing Page

Values in Visuals

As with a number of the websites I have produced, the photography and typography play a hugely significant role in establishing the websites identity. The selection of happy, achieving and competing students are designed to give confidence to prospective students that the school is right form them and their children. Equally the standout font selection for the headings represent a strong, bold yet fun type face a perfect selection for the message that the school is trying to deliver.

Delivering the Right Message

It was identified that the previous website had shortcomings when presenting the right information to get people to enquire or take action. Therefore significant emphasis was made to include features such as class times, prices, meet the instructor and contact forms an ongoing feature throughout the website pages. The purpose of this was to give visitors the power to take action and confidence in the service provided.

Equally there was a strong belief that focusing on specific features from the main text would highlight the strengths the service provided. Some visitors may not have the time to extract the key selling points and therefore these were presented in bolder “stand out” text to really showcase them to visitors.

BTKD Content Positioning

Creative Conclusion

The final TKDB project should go to significant lengths in helping the school to gain new clients and raise its profile in the local area. The project also provides strong foundations to produce promotional materials and advertising campaigns that incorporate the elements adopted in the new branding and website design. View the new TKDB website here.

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