Project Description

Cellecta Website

The Cellecta insulation website has been an ongoing project for over five years. In its infancy the website operated as a vehicle to hold company information and technical literature for the company. 

Cellecta Website
ScreedBoard Cellecta Page

Navigation & Visual Appeal

Phase 1 of re-development was to re-configure the website to allow for quicker access to specific product information. With such a sophisticated portfolio of products and applications for them, overhauling the navigation required careful consideration of how various types of visitors would enter the website and locate the information they needed.

This requirement emphasised the need for a traditional top loaded menu as central navigation hub. In addition to a navigation overhaul, significant visual upgrades were included with a more polished high-resolution corporate design.

  • Responsive web design compatible across pc, tablet and smartphones
  • User friendly navigation system
  • Corporate branding throughout
  • Integration of all data sheets and technical literature
  • Optimised content for excellent search engine optimisation
  • Integrated product installation videos
  • Interactive technical brochures
  • High resolution product images throughout
  • 100’s of product and project specific posts
  • Over 150 traffic driving pages
  • Heavily promoted through company social networks
  • Supported by modern database security

Inspired Insulation

The Cellecta website represents one of my finest achievements, especially given the technical nature and complexity of the products and services at hand. Evolving it from little more than a company signpost into an insulation empire housing over 150 pages, 200 pdf downloads, 10 demonstration videos and 100’s of posts is a reflection of dedication and hard work.