Project Description

The Need for Screed

Based in Poole Dorset, PC Flooring are an industry recognised supplier and installer of concrete screed floors to projects of all types throughout the south and central England. Their services include traditional screeding, pump screeding, under floor heating and thermal & acoustic insulation.

Showcasing the Screed Specialists

The vast majority of PC floorings existing work has been achieved through repeat business and recommendations thanks to consistently high standards of work over a 20 year history. The existing website, lacked the interaction and modern flare to give confidence to prospective customers that PC Flooring was still operational and was capable of delivering the service they required. Therefore, the brief was to revitalise the existing website and turn it into a place that showcased PC Floorings credentials and expertise.

Highlight Expertise and Experience

Following a meeting with the PC Flooring team it was evident that the main purpose of the new website was to achieve new enquiries through conveying PC Floorings expertise and experience within the industry. Clearly it wasn’t just a matter of having this available to read, but instead a visually engaging website that focused on these elements. 

Taking into consideration what some of the competition were offering and familiar methods of navigation for new visitors, it was considered essential to deliver a website experience that was simple to operate but also provided the right framework to allow different types of users to find the exact information they needed.

Key Info at Eye Level

The header section of the new website provides a very familiar setup. As the ultimate goal of the site is to educate, inform and generate enquiries, the decision was taken to adopt a traditional layout showing the company logo, contact details and the menu. From here it is possible to navigate the whole website, or get the information needed to contact PC Flooring. Whilst a header with flare may be stylistically tempting, it was agreed that it could potentially complicate visitors navigational process and lead to them leaving the website prematurely.

User Experience and Confidence

When building a website it is important to remember new visitors know little or nothing about you. To resolve this the new design would feature a brief introduction, shortly followed by an inviting grid of services that the visitor can click to learn more about each. This provides a nice break from a second text area that provides further information. Whilst the grid naturally follows the opening company information, it also visible at a stage in the page framework that returning visitors can quickly access the content they need.

Services and Supplied To

Within the services section you will also notice a “supplied to” option highlighting the types of development that PC Flooring work with. Some visitors may simply want to know what services are available, others however may also want to know the types of project they work on to ensure their efforts to contact PC Flooring are worthwhile.

PC Flooring Service Coverage

Service Area, Testimonials and Accreditations

Highlighting the area of coverage allows PC Flooring to maximise the business they can achieve. Whilst local business is very important, a visual graphic of the companies service capabilities broadens customer potential and creates additional confidence. Combined with project references, accreditations and testimonials an unknown company is transformed in to one with a very reputable history.

Adding Value to Services

It was recognised that whilst the old website highlighted the company offered the required services and functions, there was insufficient supporting materials to deliver the quality of these services with genuine conviction. The new website sets things right, with a wealth of of high profile project references and client information. These features help to springboard the company into the visitors mindset and reassure them of PC Floorings credibility and experience.


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