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“Succeed in Construction” is the inspiration behind the branding and design services we provide at JStreet Creative.

All of the work we produce and articles we publish are designed to enable your construction and built environment based business to succeed and outperform its competitors in a highly competitive business environment.

Jamie – Branding, Marketing, Construction and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast

Passionate about marketing, creativity, football, family and tech Jstreet Creative is a platform I use to provide design services and share knowledge and experience of graphics design and marketing via useful tactics, ideas and expertise.

Construction Marketing Expertise

Construction is a complex subject for many who are not directly involved on a day to day basis. I consider myself strong in being able translate construction themed topics and deliver them through marketing communications that people understand.

My areas of expertise lie in branding and graphics designs ( find out more about my branding and design services here.) With these skills I am able break down the technicalities that individuals inside a construction business obsess over and re-configure them through engaging brands, technical literature and graphics designs that consumers and customers find easier to engage with. All with the view to building a bridge towards enhancing their knowledge about a specific product or service.

Having a balanced knowledge of construction and marketing knowledge has been hugely effective in helping me build brand awareness and effective marketing campaigns leading to significant market growth for both Cellecta and Insulate Magazine/Network. Using these experiences and a process of continuous learning I use this website to share my knowledge of how construction business’ can better implement marketing tactics and strategies to achieve their business goals.

Jamie is available to provide dedicated support for your marketing requirements. Discover the branding and graphics design services I can offer your business here.

Construction Industry Experience

In 2010 Jamie was lucky enough to get a unique opportunity at Cellecta LTD (Acoustic & Thermal Insulation) where I had  significant influence over the entire marketing process as Marketing Manager. Here I managed marketing budgets, creating and delivering marketing campaigns, administering all digital marketing activities and organising annual events. Until June 2018 I have been the head of creative and marketing for the start-up business Insulate Network, where I created the current branding, designed 15 issues of the Insulate Magazine and worked meticulously towards building a significant online presence for the brand through intensive digital marketing campaigns

Start Up Marketing Experience

In 2015 Jamie started a water sports lifestyle brand, which required an extensive digital and offline marketing operation to support the launch of the product range. In 2017, a similar start up marketing campaign was delivered for Insulate Network. Jamie also supported other start up companies from valeting, cleaning and personal brands to recruitment with graphics design and website support.

You can see the extent of the work completed for starts up in my portfolio here.

Marketing Education

Educated to degree level in Marketing and with 8 years of experience in construction marketing I find myself well positioned to assist business’ in their marketing activities.

My specialist areas include all aspects of graphic design (brochures, magazines, posters, logos etc) digital marketing (Social Media, SEO, PPC and websites) and copywriting, allowing me provide a wide spectrum of marketing knowledge to construction businesses, start ups and business’ in general.

My Latest Free Construction Marketing Publication

Jamie has recently written a 20 page publication on social media in construction marketing. It’s packed full of greater tips for construction marketers and construction business’ to give them head start on using social media to their benefit. You can get read volume 1 of Construction Marketer now.