Designing Your Lead Magnet Guide Process

To create the lead magnet guide that will incentivise your customers to subscribe and generate more high value business leads, we have a creative process that explores your business, and identifies a suitable subject area that will appeal to your target audience.

The Process Behind Building Your Lead Magnet

Your Business

Understanding your business, its products, services and systems is the start of building your new lead magnet. I will provide you with a detailed questionnaire asking questions about you, your business, the products/services to be featured, your target audience and your personal thoughts and aims for your new lead magnet.


I study your feedback in detail, using any existing websites or documents to better understand your products/services. I research different topics that may be appealing to your customers and would be suitable for your lead magnet guide. Findings are reported back to you for approval and further discussion.

Brochure Rehearsal

Taking the analysis as the foundation, I begin to design an example page of your lead magnet guide. Designs will remain true to the agreed analysis. Once the first concept page is approved by you, I will go ahead and produce 2 more pages.

Lead Magnet Construction

Once the 3 pages of content are approved I will go ahead and write/design the remainder of your lead magnet based on the lead magnet package you have chosen.

Final Approval

The completed lead magnet e-book guide will be presented to you for first draft approval.

  • You will have 5 working days to make any alterations.
  • I will make the changes as required and return to you.
  • You will have a further 3 days to make any final changes
  • I will make the final alterations to your lead magnet guide as requested

Lead Magnet Guide Finale

The final lead magnet guide will be supplied to you in digital formats suitable for print and uploading to the business website
(High-Res and Low-Res PDF).

Ready to Build Your New Lead Magnet?